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Guild Under New Management

GuildLeadah, Dec 30, 11 11:19 PM.
If you haven't already know, Tuivi is your new leader and will tend to all of your guild related issues. Temp? Not so sure. Perm? Maybe.

Join the guild website!!

GuildLeadah, Dec 20, 11 3:21 PM.
Content is limited to those who have yet to join, so if you're on the site and you look around, you will see nothing! you can't see anything because you haven't joined! So join and participate in the fun!
Never lose hope...

Secrets began not too long ago..It was started by a player named LimitPusher. Although he was a huge noob, he knew that he wanted to create something great. A guild to be exact. As time passed by, players joined here and there while others left here and there. He consistently told himself "the real devoted members of Secrets will stay". Slightly discouraged, he never lost hope. He believed that he would be able to find more members who would share the same devotion and allegiance to the guild. And he did. A little after, it became something more than simply a guild, it became a bond that connected all of us in it together... and so, the journey begins.

Current main objectives:
-Thriving to 50!
-Organizing Nest runs!
-Helping each other!
-Swarming a town and dancing!
-Guild PvPing (pending)
-Having Fun

(the famous high jumper, and one of your officers: Tuivi)


s a Secret

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